Private Individualized Drug and Alcohol Recovery


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I recognize that the 12 Step programs don’t work for everyone. Some clients are interested in exploring alternatives to AA, so my make our research based Private Independent Recovery Track available. My intention is to help clients develop coping strategies and a sober support system that represents a philosophy and structure that will work for them for the long term.  Clients work individually with me to complete this program.  This protects privacy!

More and more people are approaching substance use problems with creative, alternative strategies. Not everyone who refuses to go to Alcoholics Anonymous is “in denial” of their need to attend meetings. Clients can actually thrive in a private independent therapeutic relationship that teaches the tools of recovery without group process. In addition, these clients do not do well in groups for a variety of reasons. They may have anxiety, depression, shame or confidentiality issues that lead them to seek one-on-one therapeutic assistance. Others simply prefer to choose their own approach.

I am strongly committed to providing nonjudgmental, non-coercive treatment for substance users while addressing deeper underlying psychological issues as necessary. I believe that the client is the primary agent of change and I empower and support them to make the rapid movement towards the personal goals that enhance their quality of life.

A commitment to independent recovery will involve a careful assessment of current and historical patterns of substance use, motivational enhancement, examination of concurrent personal and environmental stressors, education in decision-making processes, stress reduction strategies, self-control training and support in utilizing community resources.

Maintenance of change is monitored during the therapy sessions. Many self-changers find that continued accountability with their therapist is a vital component of their recovery effort. Some remain in therapy after they complete the program to address underlying psychological issues that can trigger relapse. The specific needs and concerns of each individual client are incorporated into my treatment strategy.