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Question: Can someone really learn to return to moderate drinking?

    Answer: That depends. If you are not severely dependent on alcohol, moderate drinking is worth an attempt if it is the one goal that you or a loved one is ready to work on. Remember, approximately 23% of the drinking public drinks too much but are not yet severely dependent on alcohol. If you are not successful at moderate drinking, you discover rapidly that your best goal is abstinence. You use the same coping strategies that you learned for moderation to apply to abstinence. Much better than drinking dangerously for a few more years until you "hit your bottom". That is no longer necessary!

    DrinkWise is a brief, research based program that offers problem drinkers a choice to either drink moderately or quit altogether. A workbook is included that offers clear guidelines and tools for in-depth self-evaluation providing an immediate opportunity to reduce risk. Participants work individually with a licensed therapist one hour weekly (in person or on the telephone) for six weeks. Scheduled sessions are designed to meet the client's need for flexibility, privacy and anonymity.