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If you need help helping someone, you are absolutely in the right place. Denial, hostility, depression, isolation, self-medication, all presents a puzzle that can keep parents and siblings awake at night, trying to figure out the right answers.

As complicated as addiction appears to be, and as stuck as a person can become, there are simple, effective solutions to the problems you now face. There are ways to solve these issues without confrontation, without “ganging up” on the addict in order to get them to agree to seek help. There are solutions that work.

Let me help you. I will help the person you care about. I was an addict for years; I know the neighborhood. I am also I get people into treatment all the time without force, humiliation or intimidation. Give me a call today and give compassion, plus intelligent planning, a chance. At the very least, call and get the information that could save you time, money, and the need to worry one more day.

An intervention often requires the assistance of an intervention specialist. The intervention services and benefits that a specialist brings is the experience and knowledge to properly handle an intervention and get your loved one into treatment. Due to my experience and intervention strategies I have a success rate over 90%. If you are considering an intervention or require intervention services, give me a call

Intervention Services:

An Intervention Specialist

Using an intervention specialist adds greatly to the chance of having a successful intervention. They act as a neutral party during an intervention that family members often find impossible. Having an intervention specialist also helps determine the best way to approach the intervention. I am dedicated to the results of an intervention, not the fees.

Family Intervention

The most common, and usually the most successful intervention is one done by the family with an intervention specialist. A family intervention can be difficult even with an intervention specialist but it is much easier compared to a family doing it on their own. Without an intervention specialist, it is common for family interventions to become messy, and to the detriment of the addict, result in a lack of drug/alcohol treatment. My number one goal is getting the person into treatment.


About Family Interventions

Intervention has been defined in various ways by various people, since the concept was introduced about 50 years ago. Originally, an intervention was oriented around confrontation and surrender; telling the addict how his destructive behavior was affecting the family, listing his wrongdoings, and giving the addict an ultimatum as a means of motivation and forcing him to eventually "give in" to the demands of the family. Many of these earlier styles of intervention, some still in practice, insist that an addict must admit to having a problem, and to his need for help, as a measure of intervention success. These models, however common their practice, have left behind a legacy of as much wreckage as they attempt to solve.

Modern day intervention professionals are apt to say that an intervention should be oriented around the love of the family, and designed to reach the part of the alcoholic/addict that wants to get better, while at the same time shutting down resources so that the person is essentially left with one solution, a way out, which is giving treatment a try. I agree with this style of intervention, when it is assisted by an experienced professional.

The sole purpose of an intervention is to guide the family, the circumstances, and the alcoholic/addict to make their own, personal choice to enter a treatment program, without force, humiliation, or intimidation.

Family Intervention

There are a number of different types of interventions and approached to intervention.

I have found the most successful and least confrontational to be the "family intervention". This type of intervention consists of bringing family and others together as a group and uses each member to get the abuser to agree to some form of treatment.

Without an intervention specialist, a family intervention can be extremely difficult. An intervention professional can bring a wide selection of intervention services for each problem encountered, and since they are not family, the interventionist can maintain a distance and neutrality needed during the family intervention that family members cannot.

Intervention Transport

Another thing to keep in mind is transportation. An intervention may be successful in getting the agreement of the individual to go to a rehab center; however, there are a number of cases where an addict/alcoholic changes their mind during transport to the rehab center. This undoes everything the intervention created and puts you back at square one. It is for this reason that we recommend intervention transportation services. This helps to ensure that the person arrives at the rehab center and that the person can be started on their drug treatment program. My interventions include transportation if it is needed.


Each person dealing with addiction will not be like any other. Therefore, each successful intervention is unique. For this reason, you need to have a skilled and experienced intervention specialist.

I have done over 100 family interventions and a great number of difficult transports and I also boast a 90% success rate due to 20 years experience with interventions, transportation and drug treatment programs.

If you are struggling with someone who needs treatment, an intervention may be your best solution. However, it will always be in your best interest to first consult with an intervention specialist.

By picking up the phone and calling me, I can help you determine the absolute best way to move forward getting your loved one the help they need.

Rehab Placement Assistance

I will help determine the correct treatment program/approach for your loved one. With my knowledge and experience with addiction and drug treatment, I will help find the best suited rehab center.

Drug Rehab Centers

About Selecting a Rehab Center

There are thousands of drug rehab centers across the united states. These break down into the following categories:

Residential Rehab Centers

In-Patient Rehab Centers

Out-Patient Rehab Centers

Specialized Rehab Centers

Specialized drug and alcohol rehab centers exist to treat a specific addiction. Most commonly, you will find Alcohol Rehab Centers, Marijuana Rehab Centers, Heroin Drug Rehab Centers, Cocaine Drug Rehab Centers, Ecstasy Drug Rehab Centers, Meth Drug Rehab Centers as well as drug rehab centers that focus on prescription drug abuse and many others.

Typical results of treatment centers are anywhere from 2%-20%. However, there are a number of rehab centers that have a much higher, sometimes up to 70%, success rate. Rehab Centers with these results is not due to the fact that they are merely expensive. It is because they are the correct rehab center for the individual. It is because of the fact that the rehab center is selective of the people they work with. They are selective of the people they put into their drug treatment program. For you, this means that selecting the correct rehab center is extremely vital to the success of the drug treatment program. Since most rehab centers will not simply turn away potential business, you must be selective and accurate in your choice of rehab center.

My mission is the successful drug treatment for you or a loved one. It is not simply getting someone into any rehab center, but rather, choosing from the thousands of rehab centers and determining where the best chance for success is. Working with me means you will get all the experience and knowledge of a fully trained professional that can evaluate the situation and recommend the best fitting rehab centers.

With my expertise, I examine all key factors involved in finding a successful drug treatment program. Selecting the correct rehab center depends on the type of drug/alcohol abuse or severity of the addiction as well as cost of the rehab center. However, I don’t stop there. I also take into account other factors to determining the best rehab centers; including religion, personality and many other things dependant on the individual. The first thing I take into consideration when choosing from rehab centers is the fact that each person’s abuse is unique and can vary in severity.

I are confident that with my help, you or your loved one will find the help they need.

Intervention Strategies

A family intervention is not necessarily what you see on TV, or what you hear about at a 12-Step meeting. There is a lot of planning that goes into working up the best intervention strategies so that your loved one ends up getting the drug treatment they need. These intervention strategies are different for every person. There is no single strategy for interventions. Each person is different and working with me, you get an intervention specialist that will create a unique and effective intervention strategy.

About Intervention Strategies

The most common question I am asked is, "How do you get them to go?" And to this I reply, "First, we need to talk."

For years, writers, therapists and even priests have tried to summarize a formula for intervention strategies, and this is something you must be very wary of. There is no easy answer to the question of which intervention strategies will work, since every situation is unique.

Every intervention strategy must be different. It must be creative, and it must not immediately bow to the intervention strategies of what may have worked for someone else. Your situation is unique, it is different than any other, and it therefore requires creativity and imagination. Truly excellent intervention strategies require starting with an open mind.

The best intervention strategies of course, come from experienced and seasoned professionals. There is simply no substitute for experience. Having said this, there are elements in traditional intervention strategies which are useful, and which can be effective.

One example of false thinking when it comes to effective intervention strategies is the idea that an intervention is a meeting; a single event of some kind. Usually, the idea is that the person with the problem is gently ambushed by the family, showered with a combination of his wrongdoings and "I love you" from family members, at which time one of two things will happen; explosions and body parts flying through the air, or the substance abuser will submit to the correctness of the family and the indisputable evidence of his affliction and surrender to the families wishes. But these intervention strategies are often simply an idea followed by an awkward approximation that can result in a real mess.

The best intervention strategies come from creating a game plan that has a real chance of success. This is why I always recommend having a professional at your side, guiding you through the strategies of the intervention one step at a time.

If you have a loved one who is stuck in life, self medicating, and who presents a real challenge to handle, give us a call today and see what your options are. You might be surprised at the solutions which await you. You don’t have to conquer this alone. Call me today. 805.680.1334