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Who can benefit from counseling?

Just about anyone can benefit. No problem is too big or small. Listed below are just a few examples of some common concerns my clients have:

  1. Symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression

  2. College adjustment issues such as homesickness, academic problems, and long-distance relationships

  3. Interpersonal difficulties, including roommate conflicts, family problems, romantic relationship concerns, problems with assertiveness, and other issues

  4. Bereavement and grief related to the loss of a loved one (such as relationship breakups, deaths, parental divorce, or other major losses)

  5. Questions/confusion about identity, self-image, sexuality, gender, or religious concerns

  6. Concerns about body image, food, eating, or weight, as well as treatment for eating disorders

  7. Experience with sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, abuse, or other trauma

  1. Thoughts of suicide, death, or hurting others

  2. Behaviors that can be harmful to you, like drug or alcohol abuse or cutting

When to Seek Counseling

I am trained to intervene or provide support for a countless number of issues, far too many to list in any comprehensive way. While counseling might be helpful in numerous situations, there are some conditions in which I would strongly encourage you to seek counseling services:

  1. You are unhappy on most days or feel a sense of hopelessness

  2. You worry excessively or are constantly on edge

  3. You are unable to concentrate on your schoolwork or other activities

  4. You are unable to sleep at night or constantly feel tired

  5. You have experienced a change in your appetite or your weight

  6. You have experienced a loss (e.g., a relationship breakup, a parent's death)

  7. You have increased your use of alcohol or other drugs (including cigarettes)

  8. You feel overwhelmed by what is going on in your life

  9. You are having thoughts about hurting yourself or someone else


My individual counseling services are short-term and time-limited. As part of the initial interview, you will be asked to complete paperwork which will help me get to know you. Please allow 90 minutes for this first appointment.

During the initial consultation, I will assess your needs and make a treatment plan based on my professional opinion and in collaboration with you. Continued individual counseling with me might be one of those recommendations.

You and I will work together to decide how frequently and for how long a period it is necessary to meet. This decision is made on a case-by-case basis and is determined by the appropriateness of time-limited treatment for your individual situation, my expertise in treating your particular problem, my time availability, and other factors.  Sometimes a referral will be made to other clinicians that may better be able to help you.