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Les Jones, MFT

Call: 805.680.1334

Email: les@lesjonesmft.com

I am exclusively a Tele therapist. My clients use the Facebook or WhatsApp platforms on their telephone. Teletherapy offers a convenient and time saving opportunity for my clients to move forward in their lives now. 

The benefits of Teletherapy:

More immediate availability of appointment times reduces wait time for your initial appointment. 

Teletherapy offers greater safety from illnesses such as the Coronavirus. 

Teletherapy is convenient With more and more people telecommuting or working from home, and with busier schedules, Teletherapy is providing greater flexibility in a busier world. 

Teletherapy maximizes privacy. 

Teletherapy saves time. Time is perhaps our most precious resource and the efficiency of time saving Teletherapy avoids commuting to  appointments. 

Teletherapy allows for maximum flexibility for overworked and overworked clients, especially those working from home with children.  

Teletherapy offers remote access for clients.