Family Counseling


Families experience many different issues at different periods of the family life cycle. When a couple has a new baby, they must realign themselves to take on the role of parents. This could be a very confusing and exhausting time for them.

During the elementary school years, parents continue to be involved and focused on their children, driving children to dance, soccer etc.,

During the adolescent years, parents are still focused on their children and whole host of other issues may arise. The risk during this time period is that the couple may lose the couple part of their relationship. The necessity of taking care of the children could create a situation where the couple in the marriage is neglected. When this occurs, certain family issues may arise.

My family counseling approach is to assist in the improvement of the quality of family life through nurturing, supportive therapy.

Common Issues Are:

Single parent household issues, step- families, children,
adolescent problems, adults experiencing a divorce, school
related problems are but a few of the family related problems
treated by me.

Does the entire family go for family counseling each week?

This depends on the family situation. For
example, sometimes I will see only the entire family. 

Other times I will work with individual family members.
We meet every week. I may want
to see the couple one week, then all the children the next
week, then the couple again the following week. I might
want to see all the females in the family one week and all the
males the following week. Depending on how I assess the family situation, I may want to see different sub-systems within the family or the entire family each week.

Family Counseling looks at the family as a whole --not on the
individual elements of the whole. Family Counselors are trained to observe the interactional patterns of the family.

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